Cervecera de Puerto Rico can proudly state that they are a 100% Puerto Rican company, a world-wide leader in the elaboration of barley-based products. Its production process is a result of its skilled staff and state-of-the art technology that have positioned Cervecera as one of the leading companies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Alfonso, Sabino and Ramón Valdés Cobián, widely known as the Valdés Cobián brothers, founded Cervecera de Puerto Rico in 1937 in the western town of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, the city of pure waters. Today the company is recognized as a Puerto Rican icon, whose portfolio includes brands such as Malta India, Medalla Light, Silver Key, Magna and Del Oeste.


Guided by their exemplary father, the Valdés Cobián brothers founded Cervecera de Puerto Rico on November 2nd., 1937.

First Product

Back in October of 1938 the company launched its first product, Cerveza India—followed by Malta India, which launched a year later. In 1941, additional beverages such as Orange Crush and Old Colony were added to the company’s portfolio.

Medalla Light is Born

In 1980, the company added a new option to its beer lineup, Medalla Light, the first ever light beer produced in Puerto Rico. In fact, its name was inspired by the Pan-American Games that where held in the island during that time.

High Tech and Growth

Since 2007, the company has invested millions in advanced technologies that have elevated the quality and elaboration of its products, becoming one of the best companies in the Americas and the Caribbean, bringing great pride to Puerto Rico.In 2010 the Silver Key beer was added to the company’s product portfolio, followed by Magna, the first premium beer manufactured on the island.In 2018, in response to the ever changing market, Cervecera de Puerto Rico launched its artisanal brand, Del Oeste. The brand’s overarching market strategy is to cater seasonal products for those who follow this category.